24 July 2019

Waxing is has become one of our most requested beauty treatments. We specialise in using only hard hot wax for all our intimate waxing treatments. Whether you choose Brazilian waxing, Hollywood waxing or Bikini Wax our range of high end quality wax have been carefully tested and selected for your care and comfort. We use a mix of different waxes during the treatment and can customise your appointment if your skin is particularly sensitive.

For body waxing we use strip waxing for legs, arms and back waxing. Soft wax is used for larger areas, is applied thinly and removed with paper or muslin strips. We also only use Hot wax for eyebrow waxing, upper-lip waxing and facial wax.

Where shaving removes just the surface of the hair, leaving hair in the follicle, waxing removes the hair from the root, leaving skin more smooth and hairless for much longer. Results last from three to six weeks and over time, your hair will start to grow back lighter and finer, making the waxing the process less painful.

All our appointments start with cleaning the area that to be waxed and we use disposable products for hygience. We highly recommend regularly exfoliating the area and using serums and lotions to prevent ingrowing hairs.

Don't just take our word for it check our reviews. Reviews have been written by our happy and regular customers. We are priveleged to have loyal customers that love what we do.