24 July 2019

A spray tan is the quickest way to get a professional, flawless finished, radiant glow without baking and damaging your skin in the sun.

Your spray tan is customised - we have a range of professional tanning solutions that work with different skin tones, plus we consider time of year, lifestyle & your event in deciding the best spray tan colour to use.

Things to do Before your tan:
Exfoliate. For super duper results do this up to 10 days and or weeks before (make it a routine/ habit to use mitts or sponge in the shower). A few days before you can add a sugar scrub. We spray and colour the top layer of your skin so the more dead cells you buff off before the day the longer your tan will last. As you skin never stops shedding.

Wax. Book any body waxing appointment a couple of days before and if pressed for time 24hrs will be sufficient. Brow waxing, Hollywood, Leg Waxing, Brazilian ... the lot should be done before you tan. Avoid (at all costs) shaving a days before because it can cause your tan to look streaky.

Manicure. Ideally book your manicure before you spray tan. 1. It protects your nails from getting tanned 2.The products used during a manicure or pedicure might strip the tan.

Avoid deodorant and moisturiser on the day (you will need to moisturise lots after). Alternatively you can use a Crystal stick deodorant which eliminates odour naturally, and is used on wet skin.

ideally wear dark, loose clothing; flip flops or wide fitting shoes. Tan Edit